Recap of the Weaponization of Travel Seminar


Organized by eXplore Lawrence, the recent educational session about the Weaponization of Travel took place on January 23, 2020, at the Cider Gallery. This event covered the rise of travel boycotts and bans in the United States, and it analyzed the results Destinations International concluded through its landmark studies.

Destinations International has created several reports on the subject, ranging from the meeting and event professional’s qualitative perceptions, to travel boycott concerns from Venue Managers. These reports explore several factors including location, leading causes for these outbreaks, readiness to handle a boycott, and effective strategies to mitigate the situation. In addition, this session highlighted how meeting planners and suppliers can become part of the effort to put an end to travel boycotts.

To read Destinations International’s Weaponization of Travel Study, click here.



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