Make Your Meetings “Merry-All-Round”


By Meet Kansas Staff

As meeting and event planners, we are constantly looking for intriguing venues that will keep our business associates and attendees engaged.  The traditional conference room appears mundane after a while and business gatherings become more of a dread than a pleasure, as we fall into the same vicious pattern of merely selecting a room with blank white walls, a projector, and a large conference table.

Add some historical charm to your meeting or event by hosting your next business outing at a carousel!  Though this may sound like an unconventional place to hold your next company gathering, several carousels offer rentable rooms to accompany corporate parties or business meetings.

Missouri and Kansas are home to a couple of distinct carousels that can make your next company event memorable in the most whimsical way.  If you are looking for an extravagant event space that will make your business associates look forward to their next corporate obligation, add some more excitement with these intricate and aesthetic surroundings.

Missouri – St. Louis Carousel at Faust Park

Faust Park preserves one of the original 1920s Dentzel Co. carousels.  Initially installed at the St. Louis Highlands Amusement Park in 1929, it has traveled across Missouri on a couple different occasions throughout its years of maintenance.  A fire destroyed the amusement park years later, making the carousels first relocation to Sylvan Springs Park in 1963.  In 1979, Faust Park Foundation raised the funds for the carousel’s restoration and transported it to Faust Park, where it resides today.

This venue is a historically elegant space to hold your next business meeting or event.  It makes one feel like they have stepped back into the 1920s – from the antique décor, music that was once played at old county fairs, and the intricately designed carousel itself.

Address: 15189 Olive Blvd, Chesterfield, MO 63017
Phone #: (314) 615-8345

Kansas – C.W. Parker Carousel Museum

The C.W. Parker Carousel Museum houses a diverse collection of carousels manufactured throughout the decades. Here, one can find an elegant, hand-carved carousel dating back to 1913, a patriotic version constructed in 1950, a metal and neutral-toned edition named the Primitive Carousel, and a miniature, entirely seated variation that is friendly for all ages and bodily conditions, called the Health Carousel.

This venue has three rooms available for rental, two of which are appropriate for hosting your next corporate meeting or party.  The Parker Room is ideal for a company meeting, as it can fit several tables that can easily view a presentation.  On breaks, business associates can take rides on the intricate carousels, or they can explore all of the antique collections from the early 1900s around the rest of the museum.

The Carousel Room, preserving the museum’s oldest carousel, is a beautiful space suitable for a corporate party.  Whether it is a holiday celebration or a significant company anniversary, the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum is a unique space to host any kind of commemoration that differs from an ordinary banquet room.  In addition, all of your attendees have the opportunity to culturally enrich themselves to the grace and sophistication of the previous century, while creating valuable memories with their colleagues.

Address: 320 S Esplanade St, Leavenworth, KS 66048
Phone #: (913) 682-1331

Other Notable Carousels in Kansas

Although the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum in Kansas is one of the only indoor meeting and event carousel facilities, there are a couple of carousels around the state that are worth seeing or selecting for an outdoor event.  The Wilmore Carousel is a gorgeous outdoor variation within the parameters of a park.  This is a unique location that would work well for a corporate celebration. You could bring this idea to life by renting a couple of large event tents, hiring a caterer, decorating the space with some aesthetic décor, and calling it a day.  The Carousel in Gage Park, located in Topeka, Kansas, also coincides with this idea.

Meetings Can Be Merry

By embracing alternative rental spaces, such as carousel venues, for meetings and events, it brings excitement to our business professionals and opens a whole new array of possibilities to effectively deliver our messages and objectives in a meaningful and impactful way.  Before scheduling your next meeting or event in the same, old conference room like many previous times, consider opting for a more sensory-stimulating setting such as the carousel.  This will help your next corporate outing be merry-all-round.

Olivia Orman is a contributing writer from St. Louis.


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