Report Shows Cannabis Regulations for the Kansas Workplace


Cannabis regulations vastly differ from state to state. According to the Wilson Elser Comparative Law Review on Cannabis in the Workplace, some states, such as Nevada, have a clear-cut policy, and other states, such as Alabama, have underdeveloped regulations.  Continue reading to learn about the cannabis laws for employment in Kansas.

Employee Drug Tests and Protections

Currently, drug testing is up to the employer.  Medical CBD oil is the only form of legal cannabis in Kansas, and there are no legal forms of THC products in the state.  As a result, employers in Kansas are not obliged to accommodate cannabis use.

Public and Workplace Usage

Because any use of THC is illegal in Kansas, employees may be terminated from the use of cannabis.

Workers’ Compensation

There is no reimbursement for medical marijuana, and it is unstated whether legal medicinal CBD oil is covered through workers’ compensation.

Staying Up to Date

Cannabis regulations will continue to shift around the country, and Kansas, as it grows into a more popular method for treatment.  If you use medical cannabis products, continue to stay informed on the subject to ensure you are remaining professionally compliant. To view the full report, click here.



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